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I recently purchased  Notezilla , and have been testing it's features. It is a good program. Thanks for developing it. I was also wondering what the sticky notes limitations are, because I plan to use  Notezilla  on Windows, instead of OneNote. I'd like to know if the program slows down after gigabytes of data has been saved in  Notezilla . Is it a good choice for storing important information? Can it handle lots of memoboards and sub-memoboards, etc. I need to know this so that I can informed decisions on it's use.
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No, not really, the program does not slow down after gigabytes of data saved in it..  Notezilla  can save any number of sticky notes in  Notezilla  for Windows.  Notezilla  loads only memoboards that you open up. Otherwise, it doesn't use up memory.

Yes, definitely, It is a good choice for storing important information as it uses reliable data technology.

You can create any number of memoboards and sub-memoboards in  Notezilla .
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