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I've been using  Notezilla  and now the trial period has expired. I had a few sticky notes in there and I need them but I don't have access to the program. I tried looking for where they may be stored on the hard drive (checked the Conceptworld folder in the C drive) but couldn't find them. Can you please point me to the exact location on the hard drive where the notes from  Notezilla  would be located on Windows?

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The way to access your sticky notes after trial expiry is to take the notes data to another computer and access the sticky notes using  Notezilla .

On the current Windows PC, run  Notezilla  Troubleshooter to take a backup of the notes data. On another PC, install  Notezilla , and then run  Notezilla  Troubleshooter to restore the backup that you had taken in the first PC.
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