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I have Quick Notes Plus 5.0 and upgraded to latest  Notezilla . None of my QNP sticky notes are showing up in  Notezilla . During installation the instructions indicated that this would be automatic. Am I missing something?

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Normally, the sticky notes should appear automatically when you upgrade QNP to  Notezilla . However, If they didn't, then you can just try the following steps:

QNP data files are stored under "My Documents\My Notes" folder.
To import QNP notes into  Notezilla  please follow below steps.

  1. Go to  Notezilla  Preferences. To go to  Notezilla  Preferences right click on  Notezilla  icon and choose 'Preferences' from the menu.
  2. Click on Advanced tab in Preferences. There you will find "Data Folder". This is where  Notezilla  stores all the data. Open this folder in Windows Explorer. You can copy the folder path and run it from Windows Start menu to open the folder
  3. Exit  Notezilla 
  4. Delete all files from  Notezilla  data folder. This will delete all notes from  Notezilla .
  5. Copy all files from "My Documents\My Notes" folder to  Notezilla  data folder.
  6. Run  Notezilla . This will import all your QNP notes into  Notezilla .
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