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I get a message indicating that my trial for  Notezilla  is about to expire. I have paid for this program subscription--why am I getting this?

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Yes, even after purchasing  Notezilla , if you missed to activate your subscription given in your order confirmation email, then you will get the trial expiry message.

The activation instructions were sent to you in the order confirmation emails.

Please go to https://www.notezilla.net/Redirect/AccountSettings and provide your order number (number starting with CWXXXXXX-) to activate your subscription.

If the Windows version of  Notezilla  is showing trial expiry message then it appears that you haven't activated  Notezilla  installed on your Windows PC. 

To activate the product and to enter the activation key: 

1. Right click on  Notezilla  icon (next to the clock) in the Windows taskbar. 

2. Choose Help->Register menu item. The 'Register' window will appear.

3. In the 'Register' window click on the 'Enter activation key' button. 

Make sure that the name specified is same as the license name provided when purchasing the product. The activation key was emailed to you immediately after you purchased  Notezilla .


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