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I am using  Notezilla  and I have a problem, I try to have sticky notes that always show up when i'm working on chatgpt, the problem is that your tool only let me select based on the window title, not on the URL...

When i'm in google chrome on  https://chat.openai.com/ the title changes based on the chatgpt chat-conversation i'm in... chatgpt changes the title of the window based on the chatname (even during runtime it can change) So how can I stick a note to a google chrome url (https://chat.openai.com/*) instead of the window title ?

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Thanks for using  Notezilla .

Yes, What chatgpt is doing is quite unusual. Because most apps that change the title at least have the app's name in the title too. This allows us to configure  Notezilla  to show the sticky note on all page sof that particular app using asterisk. Example: *ChatGPT*. But unfortunately, in case of ChatGPT this isn't possible. Currently linking the sticky note to url isn't possible.
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