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Starting yesterday (Weds) afternoon,  Notezilla  won't launch. I have reinstalled twice and I can see the exe and files, plus Task Manager show it running, but NOTHING shows up - not the Notes Browser, past notes, etc. I can't create a new note either. Please help.
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You can try restoring notes from the local backup using  Notezilla  Troubleshooter app.

If you cannot find  Notezilla  Troubleshooter app then mostly probably you are using an older version of  Notezilla . In such cases, you can follow the below steps.

  1. Go to Task Manager, select Processes and end the process  Notezilla .exe
  2. Now open the folder %appdata%\Conceptworld\Notezilla in Windows Explorer. To do this, copy this path %appdata%\Conceptworld\Notezilla and run from start menu or open in Windows Explorer. This is the default data folder. I assume you haven't change this location in the past.
  3. Inside the folder, you will find NotesX (X is the version number) file. Just rename the file to something else
  4. Run  Notezilla  and see if it shows up successfully.

If it shows up successfully, then you may have to restore notes from backup. 

Watch this video for more clarity:

The video in above link assumes that you have access to  Notezilla . However, if you don't then you can open the  Notezilla  data folder by opening the folder %appdata%\Conceptworld\Notezilla and follow the instructions given in the video. Copy this folder location and open it in Windows Explorer.

In short, you would open  Notezilla  data folder %appdata%\Conceptworld\Notezilla and also open the backup folder %appdata%\Conceptworld\Notezilla\Backup and copy NotesX.db (X is the version number) file from backup folder to the data folder. Do all this when  Notezilla  is not running.  Notezilla  keeps 5 backups. If you cannot restore the previous days backup, then try a little older one.

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Got it to work finally. Thanks for the help.
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