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I am a regular user of  Notezilla .

I am running Windows 11 Home 64bit. Its running on a Dell XPS-15 model 9530.

I am running the main laptop screen plus 2 external monitors connected via USB-C external docking station.

The screens all "extend" my main monitor (as apposed to "replicating" my main monitor. The main system monitor is my laptop screen.

All of my sticky notes are positioned on my main laptop screen.

If I ever have to disconnect the laptop and boot it standalone, then on reboot the Notes are not positioned on the laptop screen as they were when I had the two external monitors connected. Further more, some of the notes are positioned off the visible area of the laptop screen and there is no way that I have discovered to get them to reappear on the laptop screen.

When I shutdown and reboot the laptop with the 2 external monitors connected the notes are still misplaced. If I shutdown  Notezilla  and restart it, the notes seem to get repositioned back to their original position on the laptop screen.

I believe that the problem lies with the external monitor setup even though ALL notes are positioned on the main laptop screen. I also suspect that when booting with multiple screens attached, there is a problem that the 2 external monitors are not identified to later in the boot process after  Notezilla  has already started.
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Thanks for using  Notezilla  and for explaining the whole issue in detail.

 Notezilla  remembers the position of the notes for each display resolution. So when you dock the laptop with 2 external monitors, the display resolution should be different than the standalone laptop. This is the reason you don't see the same positions of the notes.

If the notes are outside the display area then you can right click on  Notezilla  icon in the taskbar (next to the clock) and choose Desktop notes / Arrange notes options from the menu.

When you restart  Notezilla , it actually rechecks the display resolution and positions the notes accordingly. 

Yes, at boot time if the external monitors aren't not immediately available then  Notezilla  may not detect their display resolution.

You may want to take the help of above setting that causes  Notezilla  to automatically rearrange notes for the new resolution. Above setting is in  Notezilla  Preferences window. To access  Notezilla 's Preferences, right click on  Notezilla  icon and choose Preferences from the menu.

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