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Hi, I am using  Notezilla  sticky notes app.

I used 3M Digital Post-it Notes for years but the program is no longer supported.  I have purchased  Notezilla  and I organize my notes into memoboards similar to how I did it with the 3M Post It Note program.  I will have a Main memoboard which contains high level notes and then I have  memoboards under this main memoboard each with their own notes.  Several of my notes also contain either photos/images as well as links to important web addresses.  I am trying to either export or print all notes from my main memoboard including all the sub--memoboards and their notes.  Here are my problems/questions:

1)      I can definitely capture all notes and memoboards when I do an Export to HTML.  HOWEVER, the photos/images are not exported and all the link text is capture (ie, not active link that I can click on).   What do I need to do to export the photos & active links?

2)      I can select the notes within one memoboard and then do a “Send To” Printer PDF.  This generates a pdf file with all the notes I selected along with the images and active links within the selected notes.  HOWEVER, I can not figure out how to select ALL notes from multiple memoboards.  How do I select all notes from my Main Memoboard & the sub-memoboards?
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