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Hi there! I'm evaluating  Notezilla  sticky notes application and I have a few questions.

1. When I drag the sticky note somewhere, after I release the sticky note with my mouse, the sticky note is drop down and to the right like a half an inch from the location I placed it. Is there a setting where I can disable the movement of it after being placed?

2. I also notice that once in the sticky note, making changes, that if I want to move the sticky note, I have to click off the sticky note to get the cursor to where it will let me drag it. Am I doing this incorrectly? I cannot get the note to move until I click off the note and then back to it.
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Thanks a lot for trying  Notezilla  and for your appreciation.

You can uncheck the "Snap notes to grid" option from  Notezilla  Preferences as shown below. To access  Notezilla 's Preferences, right click on  Notezilla  icon and choose Preferences from the menu.

While typing the note you can still move the note from the top title area.

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