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For years, I've been using  Notezilla  sticky notes.

The thing I depend on the most, is that it runs in the background so when it's time for a Stickie to "pop off", it will go to the forefront of everything else on the screen so that I have to put it to sleep or act on it, or whatever.

On to my question. Will  Notezilla  do the same on BOTH the PC and Android?

It is vital that the Android version will run in the background, and "pop up". I tried installing it then making a note and setting a timer. Left it, then nothing happened when the time came. I clicked into the app, and it said it was overdue. No notification of any kind happened.
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Thanks for trying  Notezilla .

On Android, you will see a notification in the top notification bar.

In the reminder settings, ensure that you do not tick "Do not show notification" and also you can choose "Repeat notification sound" so that it continuously repeats the sound until you dismiss it. You can also change the reminder sound from Settings / Notes menu.

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