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Everything is connected fine in  Notezilla  sticky notes app, but I was a bit surprised as I had maybe 50 or so sticky notes on Windows (over several years) and they all ended up on my Android.  Many of those sticky notes were meant to stay on Windows and there seems to be no easy way to change that without redoing the whole note (some are big).  Unless I am missing something….
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In  Notezilla , by default all sticky notes are synced with other devices.

If you don't want those sticky notes on Android device and other devices (including other Windows PCs), then you can move those notes to offline memoboards (new in  Notezilla  9).

You will find a memoboard called "Offline" in Notes Browser. You can move all those notes to this memoboard. Or you can create another Offline memoboard too with the name you want.

For more details you can watch this short video:

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