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I am using your  Notezilla  sticky notes app on Windows. The " Notezilla  Reminder" icon recently started appearing on my Win 11 Task Bar. I don't know if I accidentally activated it or if it was part of a recent upgrade.

I want to remove it. I find it too persistent and sometimes impossible to shut down. Clicking on the icon does not close the function. The icon can't be unpinned from the Task Bar. Just a pop-up reminder would be fine.
Is there anything you or I can do to accomplish this?
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In  Notezilla  sticky notes app, the reminder icon appears in the taskbar because you have one or more reminders that you need to take action on. You should be seeing the reminder popup window too like below right?

The icon in the task bar will go away only after you take any action on all the reminders shown in the popup window.


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