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I have a question or maybe a feature request. I use  Notezilla  sticky notes app with great pleasure to organize my tasks to do. But now i come to the conclusion that i miss one (for me) great feature that would make my work even more easier.

This feature is, archiving tasks done. I have a lot of sticky notes on my Windows desktop with different subjects and i add task to them as they come around. After a task has been done i tick the box to keep track of done tasks. Now i copy the done tasks manually to an "archive" version of the sticky note, this would be handy if it can be done automatically.

Hope i have been clear about my request.
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Thanks for using the  Notezilla  sticky notes app. I will take note of your feature request.

I would suggest that you follow the below steps for archiving. Use the "Sort checklist" option so that all the ticked items go to the bottom of the checklist. Then when all the tasks are ticked, you  can archive the whole sticky note by sending the sticky note to another memoboard. This is a straightforward method than archiving individual checklist items to another sticky note.

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