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I'm in a thirty-day trial of  Notezilla  sticky notes app and will purchase a license. It's a worthwhile product. I have noticed, however, that when I use an Android device to edit synched sticky notes originating on my Windows desktop, that sticky notes formatted with bullets have the bullets disappear. I'm still a little hazy about markdown mode. If it makes a difference, my desktop notes are transparent (high). Is there a way to edit the notes in Android and still retain the bulleted style in Windows?
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Thanks for trying  Notezilla .

The phone app always uses and expects Markdown based formatting. Which means that on Windows also the sticky note must used the markdown editor. Go to the sticky note and right click inside the note and check which editor you are using. You will see the menu "Switch to Markdown editor". Which means that you are using Standard editor.

You switch to the Markdown editor and then type the list like below.

* First item
* Second item
* Third item

Then after syncing, the Android app will also show the bullets and formatting will not be lost.
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