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I have been using  Notezilla  sticky notes app and I believe it would be a great improvement to the program if you would be able to sort on computer and phone display by title of the sticky note. This provides some great display abilities on both computer and phone. It could be set up to do the sort on both the computer and phone, individually or both. I use the program for keeping track of my appointments
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Thanks a lot for taking time to share your suggestions about  Notezilla 

In recent update of Android app, we added the ability to sort by title. Please watch this video: 

On Windows, do you want to arrange notes on desktop or inside the Notes Browser.

On desktop, right click on  Notezilla  icon (next to the clock)  in the taskbar  and select Desktop Notes / Arrange Notes from the menu to sort notes.

In Notes Browser, you can sort the notes in the top notes list view by clicking on the title header.

Or you can right click inside the bottom view in the Notes Browser and choose Arrange Notes menu.

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