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I use  Notezilla  sticky notes app very conveniently for notes that I can stick on my desktop.

However, there is one problem, the requirement that other users have pointed out for some time, "The resolution of the image pasted on the memo is poor."

The website states that it has already been improved with an update, but It has not been improved yet with high-resolution images, and when pasted in a memo, they are displayed in low resolution.

For example, pasting an image of 2400*1200 pixels into a memo will result in a low-resolution display. But If you paste the same image that has been reduced to 400*200 pixels in advance, it will be displayed beautifully.

It's a very convenient software, so could you please improve it?
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Thanks a lot for your feedback on  Notezilla . I will take note of it.

Note that the image that you insert into the sticky note is only a thumbnail of the actual image. We do it for better system performance.

Double click on the image to view the full image with better quality.
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