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I'm working on 5 different laptops. I want to remove  Notezilla  on the three old ones I'm "retiring." How do I remove  Notezilla  on the three old laptops without removing  Notezilla  on the two laptops I will continue to use, since  Notezilla  is synced on all?

Also, I wanted to transfer the 25 notes on one of the old laptops I'm retiring. When I tried to sync it, I got the message "Could not add/update memoboard. Id=(0)." Should I email myself the text of those notes and then add them to new notes on my "Keep" laptop?
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You just have to uninstall  Notezilla  on the 3 old laptops.  Notezilla  will continue to run & sync on other 2 laptops.

To uninstall, Click on Start menu -> All Programs ->  Notezilla  -> Uninstall  Notezilla 

To transfer Windows sticky notes from old laptop to new one, you can go to  Notezilla 's Notes Browser on the old laptop, choose File->Export option to export the notes to a file. Then go to new machine and choose File->Import from  Notezilla 's Notes Browser.
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