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I have used  Notezilla  sticky notes app for several years and love it.  

I've recently encountered a problem. Every time I click on my  Notezilla  icon to create a new note I get the following message:

Notezilla  is already running. Only one instance of the program can run at a time."  I don't know what is causing this issue as I'm unaware of why  Notezilla  would already be running.  To my knowledge it is not running and if it is I don't know how to close it.  I need some  Notezilla  support.  Please respond to this email and tell me how to correct this problem, or who to get in touch with at  Notezilla  to ask for help.
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Thanks a lot for trying  Notezilla  and for your appreciation.

The message is because you are trying to run  Notezilla  again from the shortcut.

You should be seeing the below icon next to the clock. You must use this icon to access  Notezilla . If you don't see this icon then click on he ^ icon (shown below). Then you would see  Notezilla 's icon.

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