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I want to be able to browser folders and quickly apply tags to files or folders (preferably with a tag compatible to MS File Explorer) by typing the tags directly into the tag column (without the need to press ctrl T to open up a separate tab to enter the tags), or alternatively being able to browse and select files and folders and then when I press the smart tag from the tags tab it will apply that tag (rather than filter for that tag).

At the moment with your software if I am browsing a folder in MS file explorer I cannot simply apply tags using your software unless I open each of those documents.

Please update  RecentX  so it has browsing capability and also ability to quickly apply tags in same browsing window without opening up separate screen each time. Being able to copy and paste tags to apply them in the browser would also be very helpful. Speed of applying tags is the essence otherwise the software does not help my productivity.
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Your feedback on  RecentX  is very valuable. And we totally agree to it.

Please note that to assign a tag to a file you can drag and drop the file from the  RecentX  list to over the tag name in the tags toolbar on the top as shown below.

You can right click on a folder in Windows File explorer and choose "Tag files/folders" from the menu to tag the folder.

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