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Hello, I am using  Notezilla  sticky notes app.

I just changed my laptop the other day. I successfully registered the license, but my old sticky notes are not coming up. Would you please help me sync the latest sticky notes I had on my last laptop to the new one?
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Thanks a lot for trying  Notezilla  and for your appreciation.

I see that you weren't syncing notes with our cloud system? Were you syncing? That you probably used a different name and email address when creating the sync account.

If you have this account, right click on  Notezilla  icon (next to the clock)  in the taskbar  and select Sync from the menu and sign into your account to download all your notes.

If you weren't syncing then you will have to restore the notes from the last laptop. Do you have access to the last laptop?

If you have access to the last laptop and  Notezilla  is installed then run the utility " Notezilla  Troubleshooter" on your last laptop and take a back up of your notes data, copy it to a pen drive or similar.

Then connect the pen drive to the new laptop, run " Notezilla  Troubleshooter" on the new laptop and restore your notes.

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