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Hello, learning more and more about  Notezilla  and enjoying it!
I am though having a problem getting a Windows sticky note to be visible in the pane view of Thunderbird.
If I double click the email to open it, I can "stick" the note to that specific email successfully.  But back in the pane view there is no note or place marker that lets me know there is an attached note.
If I double click the email again, the note appears.

How can I have the not show in the pane view or show a place marker in pane view to let me know to open the email and view the note?

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This is currently not possible. Here is how  Notezilla  works.  Notezilla  shows sticky notes based on the title of the active window. When you double click on the email to open it, the title of the active window is same as the subject of the email. So  Notezilla  can show the note only on that email. But this is not the case when pane view is used.
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