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Will  Notezilla  work when I'm at home connecting to my office via VPN so i can send sticky notes to my staff?
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 Notezilla  is able to send sticky notes to contacts via the Internet or it can send sticky notes directly to a PC via LAN using computer name or IP address.

So if you are connected to the Internet while on VPN, you can go to a sticky note, choose "Send to contact" option from the menu and send the note to the contact. This will require you (sender) and recipient to create a sync account first. Right click on  Notezilla  icon (next to the clock)  in the taskbar  and select Sync from the menu and create a sync account.

While on VPN, is your staff's computer accessible using computer name like \\JOHNPC or a static IP address?

Then you can go to "Send to computer" option from the sticky note's menu and directly send the sticky note. Here, sync account is not required. Just make sure both PCs have  Notezilla  running and both have added each other in your own computer's list (in  Notezilla ).
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