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The situation is like this: since last September my uncle is in a home for people suffering from dementia. He completely lost his short term memory, so we do all kinds of things to keep him informed of stuff he needs to know.  There is a list of topics on his bathroom mirror and in the kitchen next to the coffee machine. I would qualify this category as "stable information". But in some cases, he is trying to remember things. He then calls us to ask for help. But with his memory issues, this can result in dozens of calls a day with the same question.

For those cases, we would like to be able to stick a note to his laptop with the answer to "the question of the day". He does spend quite some time behind his laptop, doing puzzles and stuff. At this point in time, he is still able to read and understand this kind of information. So putting a sticky note on his screen might be a way to keep him informed.

In my search for this functionality, I found  Notezilla . The problem is that I want this to be as non-intrusive as possible. I should not be covering his puzzles :-).  In summary, I'm looking for a way to post messages on his screen in a way that doesn't require any intervention on his end.

If you have any suggestions, that would be great.
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With  Notezilla  you should be able to make this work.

 Notezilla  syncs notes with other PCs. So when you write a note on your PC, it is automatically updated on the other PC within a couple of minutes.

When you change color, keep sticky note on top of other application, roll up, roll down or hide it, within 2 minutes it will sync with other PC.

When you want your uncle to read something, you can make it visible and roll down and also pin it on top of other app. You can also use color of the sticky note to indicate something.

The changes that you do on your PC, will reflect on other PC. To create a sync account, right click on  Notezilla  icon (next to the clock)  in the taskbar  and select Sync from the menu. On the other PC, just sign into the same account so that notes on both PCs are same.
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