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Thank you for the  Notezilla  app, I love it. After I send a sticky note to someone, I send it to the trash. After a while the trash gets full and it prompts me to empty it which permanently deletes them. Is there a way to send them to another file for future reference?

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There are different approaches you can take here.

  1. After sending the sticky note, you can stick the note to some other memoboard for future reference. When you stick the note to another memoboard,  Notezilla  will ask you whether you want to remove it from the desktop.
  2. You can straight away create a sticky note in a memoboard (instead of the desktop). Right click on  Notezilla  icon and choose New Note By->Memoboard

Once you follow the above, optionally you can go to File->Export in Notes Browser and export all notes from a memoboard to an HTML file. Or just leave them in that memoboard. You can also keep deleting the sticky note and export notes from Trash to HTML file before emptying the trash.

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