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I find it very inconvenient hiding and showing the  Notezilla  sticky notes. With the sticky notes I was using it would minimize to the taskbar and all I had to do was to just single click on in on the taskbar and it would either minimize or show on the desktop no matter what program I am in. To assign keyboard shortcuts to do the same thing is inconvenient. I do a lot with the mouse and it is quicker if I could do it with a single mouse click. 

Also I find that if I hide my notes the next time I turn on my computer the note is not there, I have to remember to UN-hide the note to see it. I don't always remember. It should automatically show on the desktop when the computer is turned on to remind someone that there is a reminder. and then be able to minimize it to the taskbar with a single click of the mouse not a keyboard combination. I know you can click on the icon in the lower right hand corner and do the same thing but is a couple of clicks and also with it on the taskbar it reminds me there is a note when it is hid. Any way to solve this?

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The closest you can do is change the option to as below. When you click once on the  Notezilla  taskbar icon, it will bring sticky notes on top.

Or enable the option "Show additional taskbar button for quick access to desktop notes".

Or you can left click on  Notezilla  icon and choose "Show all desktop notes" each time you want to view all hidden desktop sticky notes.

The note's state will remain hidden even if you restart. This is what is more intuitive than making them visible back when restarting the PC. You can send reminders to important notes. Set the time to midnight. So that those reminders appear first when you restart the PC, other notes will remain hidden.

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