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I have a dual OS PC (W 7 & W 10) with an internal data hard drive. I installed  Notezilla  in both the Windows on my PC. I would like to 'sync'  Notezilla  sticky between both Windows. That is, I would like the notes created in W 7 to appear in W 10 (and vice versa). How do I accomplish that? (I would prefer 'direct' synchronization instead of using the  Notezilla  cloud service.) 

Can I create a common database on the internal data HDD that  Notezilla  can share between its two installations (in W 7 & W 10)?

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If both OSes will not be running simultaneously, then you can just change the  Notezilla  data folder and let both  Notezilla s point to the same data folder.

You can change the folder from the Advanced Tab of  Notezilla  Preferences. To access  Notezilla 's Preferences, right click on  Notezilla  icon and choose Preferences from the menu.

If you want to access your sticky notes on other devices like your phones etc., then you can use our cloud service.  Right click on  Notezilla  icon  on Windows and choose "Sync" option to create a new sync account. You can also try our Android/iPhone apps that will allow you to access and sync sticky notes across all your devices.

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