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I want to use  RecentX  as a regular search and tagging tool. My normal way of working is to hold all my files on a 128 GB USB stick (rather than on the PC hard drive). I understand that  RecentX  makes a hidden data file with all the tag information in it. Is that correct? Does that then mean that the USB stick is now self-contained? EX. I could move it to another computer running Recent X, and browse all my files on the USB stick now plugged into another computer.

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When you plug in any external drive in  RecentX , the "Drive letter" assigned to it may differ. On one computer it may be E: and on another computer it may be F:.

So the data stored (all the files and folder paths) will be different.

Although you may run  RecentX  from USB flash drive, the data is however stored on the computer's fixed hard drive and not on the USB flash drive. So it is not self-contained.

This is the reason we store it in the PC itself (fixed hard drive).

You can still run  RecentX  from the USB flash drive. Let the data be stored on PC's hard drive.  RecentX  will work fine and you will be able to search your files and folders on your USB flash drive.

Just ensure that you add USB flash drive also in the list of drives in  RecentX  Preferences. After adding the drive as shown below, click on "Reindex" button and wait for 30 minutes or 1 hour so that all the files get indexed.

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