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When I try to send a sticky note to a computer in my LAN using  Notezilla  for Windows, it gives a error message saying that "could not connect, check network connection & fire settings on both computers". I am using running Windows 10 on both computers. How can I fix this?
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Yes, we can set this up easily.

  1. Please install  Notezilla  on both computers.
  2. Go to computer A, create a Window sticky note, and choose Send To->Computer (from the top left button of the sticky note) and add computer B to the list.
  3. Go to computer B, create a sticky note, and choose Send To->Computer (from the top left button of the sticky note) and add computer A to the list.
  4. Then try sending note to each other. If you are unable to connect using computer name then use IP address of the computer when adding the computer to the computer list.

Also, check if there is a firewall issue. The firewall on the PC might not be allowing to receive notes. Kindly configure the PC  firewall to allow  Notezilla .

You can search for firewall in Windows search box and you will see Allow an app through Windows Firewall . Choose this option and enable  Notezilla  . If  Notezilla  is not listed, then click on 'Allow another app' and add  Notezilla . Also make sure that the firewall options to allow the app is enabled. If  Notezilla  is not listed then you will need to add it. Try all options Public, Private etc.

If you are using any other Firewall tool (usually included with Anti-Virus software) then you will have to configure that firewall.

Make sure you do this on both sending and receiving computer.


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