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I have 4 sticky notes in one hierarchy in  Notezilla , and I have Classic as the skin. If I change the skin globally to Classic Gradient, and then add a new note in the same hierarchy, it seems to continue to pick up Classic as the skin type, even though in the new note's properties, it shows as Classic Gradient. If you change the skin in Advanced Skins to some other Skin, it does not take effect immediately. I am currently testing it out, and there certainly seems to be an issue with Skins.

Change skin to Crumpled Paper using Advanced Skins. Then add a new note. It should be different from Crumpled Paper. Check the note properties, by clicking on the note and then clicking on the LHS top. See the Skin for the note. It should be Crumpled Paper.

Also, the skin applied globally does not remain to be set. Check Skins under Advanced Skins. It falls back to the previous skin. Please help.
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Please note that Advanced->Skins menu is used only to download, install & remove skins on your Windows PC. It is not used to change any global skins settings for  Notezilla  sticky notes.

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