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Both my computer and my wife's are connected over LAN. I sent a  Notezilla  sticky note to my wife's computer which she was not logged onto it. (She's wasn't at home at the time.) I logged onto her computer to see if her computer got the sticky note. It didn't. Doesn't  Notezilla  automatically resend notes if they're not accepted immediately? Is there any provision for that?

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If you want to send  Notezilla  sticky notes even if your wife's computer is OFF then you would would need to create cloud sync accounts.

  1. On your computer, right click on  Notezilla  icon and choose the "Sync" option then create an account and let all the sticky notes sync. Create another account from your wife's computer.


      2. Then go to a sticky note, from  the top left menu choose "Send To / Contact" and send the sticky note using your wife's email address. She will receive it after few minutes if the computer is ON.

She will receive it even if the computer is OFF and can access them when she switches it ON later.

For more info. watch this short video:

The added advantage here is that you can install  Notezilla  app on your phone devices (Android, iPhone/iPad) also and sync all your sticky notes.

But if you are sending a  Notezilla  sticky note directly over LAN then your wife's computer should be turned ON in order to receive it.

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