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I would like to have my calendar open, (Like Google Calendar or OneCalendar) and pin notes on to different days or dates. Can that be done using  Notezilla  sticky notes? 

For example, I would like a note to appear on Wednesday, February 21, that tells me to expect money from my customer. If I close the calendar, the note should close too and if I open this same date sometime in the future, the note should still appear.


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This is possible if you open Google Calendar's particular view

 Notezilla  shows sticky notes based on the title of the window/tab. See below - Google Calendar, if you go to a particular date, the title changes. So you can stick a note to this page and it will appear only on this date.

So it depends which kind of view you are selecting. Use a view which shows the date in the title of the window itself.

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