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Hi, We have two  Notezilla  accounts. I use one for business and one for the family. Right now I have them running on different computers, which is kind of a hassle as I regularly like to access both during the course of the day. Is there a way I could run both sets of  Notezilla  notes on a single computer?

I don't really want to switch back and forth through different memo boards as that is probably too big of a PITA and the kids/wife won't do that. So I like to keep everything on the desktop all the time (on both accounts). Anyhow, any way to run perhaps two instances of  Notezilla , each configured with a different account (e.g. two installs in different places, run them independent)? Or other ideas you have?

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This is definitely possible.

You can use the portable version of  Notezilla  from here: http://www.conceptworld.com/Notezilla/Portable

This is exactly as the installer version, just that it doesn't come with an installer. So you can run  Notezilla  from the extracted folder and the data is also saved in the same folder under the folder named Data.

  1. Go to the link above. Extract the .zip file into a separate folder.
  2. Exit existing  Notezilla 
  3. Run  Notezilla .exe from the extracted folder
  4. Right click on  Notezilla  icon and choose Sync and sign into your sync account (any one of the two) to download all your notes.

So basically, you can use 1 installed version and 1 portable version on the same system.

Or you could keep 2 portable versions in separate folders and remove the installed version completely.

Also, we have Android and iPhone apps for  Notezilla . You can use those to access your notes from your phone and sync your sticky notes automatically from your desktop.

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