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I have several PCs and on each PC I have three  Notezilla  user accounts. When I try to add first name, last name, computer name,  Notezilla  says that the computer already exists. I need to be able to send Windows sticky notes across the network to specific users on various computers and not just to a single computer.  Please help.
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Yes, we can easily set this up in  Notezilla .

You can first watch this video for clarity:

If you want to send Windows sticky notes to specific users on the same computer then you would need to choose the "Send To Contact" option.

The "Send To Computer" option can only send sticky note to that computer. The note will reach the user that is currently logged into that computer.

If you want to send sticky note to a user even if he is not logged in, then we have the "Send To Contact" option.

"Send To Contact" option sends the sticky note based on the contact's email address and not the computer name.

This requires each contact to create a Notezilla.Net cloud account because the sticky note is sent via our cloud.

  1. Right click on  Notezilla  and choose 'Sync' option to create Notezilla.net account. Each user should do that.
  2. Then use 'Send to contact' option to send the note to another user using email address (his Notezilla.Net account email address)

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