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When I add extra/new content in an existing sticky note in  Notezilla  app for iPhone, it doesn't sync to my desktop and in fact gets erased from my iPhone as well i.e., when I sync, although the information in the rest of the note remains intact, the portion that was newly/recently added on the iPhone does not . How do I rectify this ?
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 Notezilla  will always replace an older sticky note with a newer sticky note. It may be possible that the  Notezilla  sticky note was accidentally modified on the Windows desktop. Only then the sticky note on the iPhone could have been replaced too.

Also ensure that the system times on your iPhone and your PC are both the same.

To ensure that the desktop is synced up to date:

  1. In your iPhone, edit the existing sticky note, go to "Sync" and tap on "Sync Now" button
  2. Go to the desktop back, right click on  Notezilla  icon, choose Sync option and click on Sync Now button

You will now see the updated Sticky note with all the modifications, on the desktop.

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