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I downloaded  Notezilla  sticky notes  app in my iphone and put in a few notes. Later when i downloaded the program to my Windows desktop and opened an account, I then went on my iphone and logged into that account for sync. It syncs with the computer fine but then I lost the  Notezilla  sticky notes that were on my iphone app prior to my logging into the account.   Is there any way to recover these sticky notes? 

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You will be able to restore your  Notezilla  sticky notes from the "backup".

  1. Go to Settings/General in  Notezilla  (iPhone)  tab and click on Restore Backup button.
  2. Choose appropriate date and check if you can restore older notes.

When you restore, the existing notes will get lost. But since the existing notes were downloaded from your cloud account ,  you will not completely lose them. You still have copies of those sticky notes on the cloud.

  • Restore those notes from backup. Then manually copy the content of those notes into some other temporary notes app or text file etc.
  • Sign into your cloud account and download your notes.
  • Create new notes and copy the content back to these new notes.
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