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While I configure a repeated sticky note reminder in  Notezilla  on my iPhone, it doesn’t stop even after i have completed the task/note. How should I easily turn it off ?  Currently, the only way to do so is to go into the properties of the task and remove the configuration for the repeated reminder. It would be very helpful if it stops automatically when the task is done OR to remove it easily via a “stop” command. 

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If you select an overdue  Notezilla  sticky note from the notes list and tap on top right options button, you will see the " Dismiss" option. You can use this to dismiss a reminder.

Note: If it is a repeated reminder, then the reminder will be rescheduled to the next reminder date.

To completely remove the  Notezilla  sticky note reminder, go to reminder options and choose the "Remove" button.

Refer to the pictures below on your I-Phone :

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