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Using current version of desktop  Notezilla  and  Notezilla  for iPhone... The iPhone app and desktop apps do not seem to be updating on a regular basis. It worked pretty seamlessly before. Any suggestions for making it sync regularly. Thanks.

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On a Windows PC,   Notezilla   syncs every minute.

Watch this short video that perfectly depicts this feature:

Right click on   Notezilla   icon, choose Sync option and ensure that 'Sync automatically' is enabled.

On phones & tablets too,   Notezilla   syncs within a minute after any modifications to notes etc. Also, sync is triggered via push notification after any modifications on cloud server. Of course Phones & tablets should be connected to the Internet.

More details over here : www.conceptworld.com/Notezilla/Notezilla.Net​

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Thank-you, understanding that the desktop updates every five minutes was the key…
Is there any way to change the autosync frequency on desktops/laptops?
Currently, there is no way to change the frequency.
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