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Is there a way to archive sticky note to remove them from working memoboard but still preserving data in  Notezilla ?

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1 Answer

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There is no archiving feature in  Notezilla  yet.

Thanks for asking. I will take note of it.
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I have about 100 notezillas.  Current memory use is 550 megs!  I would love to have only the visible notes in memory rather than all the notes that I've ever made in memory.  I don't need them to be loaded into memory when I'm not viewing them!  Please make a change so that  Notezilla  doesn't use up so much ram.  Sometimes I have to turn off NoteZilla when my available ram gets too low.  I love  Notezilla  otherwise and use it all the time.
I guess your notes are on your desktop. You can move the desktop sticky notes to another memoboard and also unstick them from desktop in order to use less memory.
Thanks but with every  Notezilla  note moved to another memo board and not stuck to the desktop, the memory usage is still 442 megs.  That's just too much of my ram being taken up.  It's causing problems!  I'm going into extreme slow virtual ram frequently now because of  Notezilla !
Please exit and run  Notezilla . Then check the memory.
After restart of  Notezilla  it's down to 273MB of ram usage. That's an improvement!  Thanks
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