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I have been using an activated version of  Notezilla  for a number of months. For the past few days, it will not open. I get an error message "Cannot find skinz.dll. Please reinstall this application" I have uninstalled, downloaded the latest version and reinstalled 2 times and still get the same message. I suspect some Windows update created this but I don't know how to solve it.

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You can try the portable version. Download and install  Notezilla  Portable from our website http://www.conceptworld.com/Notezilla/Portable

  1. Extract the files from the .zip file downloaded.
  2. Now run  Notezilla .exe from  the extracted folder and exit  Notezilla . This will create a folder called "Data" under that folder. This is where  Notezilla  Portable would store all the data.
  3. Next open the folder %appdata%\Conceptworld\Notezilla  in Windows Explorer. To do this, copy this path %appdata%\Conceptworld\Notezilla and run from start menu or open in Windows Explorer. This folder contains a file Notes8 that has all your current notes. Just copy this file to the Data folder that you discovered in step 2.
  4. Then run  Notezilla .exe from the portable version once again and see if you access all your notes.
  5. Now you may uninstall the earlier installed version and use Portable version always. Do not copy Portable version to C:\Program Files (x86) folder. Just keep it outside anywhere.
  6. You can go to  Notezilla  Preferences and enable the option to run  Notezilla  automatically at startup. To access  Notezilla 's Preferences, right click on  Notezilla  icon and choose Preferences from the menu.
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