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I really like your  Notezilla . My software team is looking for kind of whiteboard / sticky board electronic replacement. Looked at couple of that kind of systems and your seems to be very solid.

Is it possible that once a member of my team changes anything on his desktop’s sticky note, the rest of the member’s will get this change automatically on their desktop.

Is there any network way of configuring it?
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 Notezilla  has a  syncing feature where all the notes get synced between a single user's devices and computers. This happens via cloud. So if you have 2-3 PCs, you can configure such a way that editing a note on one PC will reflect on another PC. But all the notes will get synced so that you have exact replica on all PCs.

Note: The automatic sync happens every minute.

Watch this short video for more clarity:

Also, you can send a sticky note to another member's desktop or you can even send a sticky note to a group of members over LAN. So, one member would need to update a note and send it to all the other members. The sticky notes will appear on their desktop.

We have 2 versions of  Notezilla . Cloud and Non-Cloud. Cloud allows syncing between devices and also sending notes to users anywhere on the globe. The Non-Cloud allows sending notes over LAN. No sync is allowed. More details over here:http://www.conceptworld.com/Notezilla/BuyNow

Collaboration is when you can share a particular sticky note between members so that when one edits it, the other member automatically sees the change. Unfortunately, currently this is not possible. But we plan to add that in future.

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