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 Notezilla  is usefull and very good program. But i need something more. I have 5 pc in my local network. I have install the  Notezilla  on each pc. I attach one note on a shared folder. If I open that folder I see the note. But if I open that folder from other pc I cant see the note. Is possible to make it to show me the note on folder from all pc? If yes, then If the other pc delete or change this note, then will that be updated on all other pc?

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 In  Notezilla , after sticking the note to a shared folder, you will need to send it to other PCs so that it shows on that folder on those PCs. 
No. The note is not simultaneously updated on all the PCs. You have to send the updated note to all PCs again.

Alternatively, If you want same notes on all computers automatically updated (synced) then you can create a single Notezilla.Net account and have the notes appear sync automatically on all computers every minute.

Notezilla.Net account will help you sync all your computers with same notes. That can help in your case.

To create Notezilla.net account, right click on  Notezilla  and choose Sync. Once you create and sync all your notes, you can go to another PC and sign into existing Notezilla.Net account to get all your notes. After which all the notes will be synced automatically across all devices every minute. Do the same thing on every PC.

Make sure you use the same Notezilla.Net account if you want the same notes on every PC.

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