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There is a need for a utility that will allow a user to attach a Windows sticky note directly to a file or folder, and to have that note immediately accessible via the right-click menu. Looking at your  Notezilla  sticky notes app, I am quite impressed by it, but not enough to use it or buy it UNLESS you incorporate the ability to attach to files and folders. Is there any way to do this?

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 Notezilla 's unique feature is that you can easily stick notes to documents, web pages, programs, folders, emails or any other window. However, the note will be shown only if you open that document.

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Yes, Attaching Windows sticky notes to files and folders (with right click access) is a very essential feature.

We are planning to create a plug-in for Windows Explorer, that will allow us to add note to a file/folder. But we don't have any date for it.

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