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My wife and i keep separate Windows sticky notes on our respective desktop/laptops and we would like to be able to sync and/or merge them to avoid duplication and ambiguity -- how can  Notezilla  help?

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It appears that you & your wife want to see the same set of Windows sticky notes on your desktop/laptops? 

  1. In which case you would need to create a single Notezilla.Net account. Both you & your wife must sign into the same account from your computers. 
  2. There is no provision to merge notes. You can just create Notezilla.Net account from one computer and sync to the cloud. Then you can go to the other computer and sign-in to the same account and download all your notes. The downloaded notes will not merge with the existing ones.
  3.  Existing ones will get deleted. But this will only happen when setting up all computers with the same account after which you will have same exact copies of the notes everywhere.
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