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When I add a picture on this XP desktop computer using  Notezilla , it never syncs to my Galaxy 6 Android. Worse, if I change that Windows sticky note on the Android.... IT DELETES THE PICTURE when syncing. Not too useful if pictures can't be added. The pic that was added was 14kb 102 x 200 jpg file.

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 Notezilla  doesn't delete pictures when syncing, unless you are editing the Windows sticky note (with picture) in phone, the picture will not disappear on your desktop. Only if you edit the note on your phone, the note will get synced with the desktop and you would lose the picture. Otherwise,  Notezilla  would sync and keep the picture on your desktop. Just that you won't be able to view it on your phone.

Insert pictures/images in sticky notes - Notezilla

Please note that currently  Notezilla  phone apps cannot show pictures.

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