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 Notezilla  won't launch. I have reinstalled twice and I can see the exe and files, plus Task Manager show it is running, but NOTHING shows up - no Notes Browser, no past notes, etc. I can't even create a new note. How to restore my previous Windows sticky notes from backup in  Notezilla ?
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If you had been writing/updating Windows sticky notes for last few days, then there is a chance that your notes may be inside  Notezilla  backup.

The video above assumes that you have access to  Notezilla . However, if you don't then you can open the  Notezilla  data folder by opening the folder %appdata%\Conceptworld\Notezilla and follow the instructions given in the video. To do this, copy this path %appdata%\Conceptworld\Notezilla and run from start menu or open in Windows Explorer.

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The new version of  Notezilla  comes with a utility app called  Notezilla  Troubleshooter. You can easily backup and restore sticky notes using this app. Simply run this app from the Windows start menu.
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