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 I was hoping to get some help regarding my  Notezilla  program.  My troubles started when I set up a notezilla.net account to sync my Windows sticky notes with my tablet. I clicked on the activation email and then tried to sync my notes on my desktop to the account.  All of a sudden, an alert popped up that said: “Failed to create an empty document” and the whole program shut down.  I tried to restart my computer and get all my old notes, but the program won’t even run.  The alert pops up every time and then the program shuts down.

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2 Answers

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On the PC where you are getting "Failed to create empty document", can you do the following steps:

  1. Exit  Notezilla 
  2. Open %appdata%\Conceptworld\Notezilla folder from start menu. ((Copy and paste this path in Windows Explorer or directly run it from start menu)
  3. Delete the file Notes8.db
  4. Run  Notezilla 
  5. Wait for 2-3 minutes (This is very important)
  6. Right click on  Notezilla  icon and choose Sync
  7. Sign in to your Notezilla.Net account and download all your Windows sticky notes back.


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Thank you, it worked!
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From  Notezilla  8.0.38 onwards, the steps are easier.

  1. Run  Notezilla  Troubleshooter from Windows start menu
  2. Choose the 'Clean up  Notezilla  data and start fresh' option and proceed.
  3. After which, you can sign into your cloud account and download your notes. 
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