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 I am testing  Notezilla  at the moment before I decide to purchase it. I have noticed that  Notezilla  syncs between devices. I would like to know if the sync is cloud-based or it simply sync's between devices locally?

 What I mean is, suppose, if there is a case where the  Notezilla  data stored in both the devices that I am using  Notezilla  on, becomes corrupted, will I be able to recover the data on the 3rd device if I sign in to my account. I believe if the data is just transmitted from one device to another using the local data stored, then it might be possible that  Notezilla  Sync will not be able to recover the data. But if it is cloud-based, then it can simply download the data from the cloud and update it on the 3rd device that I logged on to.

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Yes.  Notezilla 's sync is cloud based. You can sync your sticky notes between computers and access them on your devices. This will also allow you to restore your notes back from the cloud on the 3rd device.

You can watch this short video to see how this actually happens:

Also,  Notezilla  keeps 5 backup copies on your local system (Windows) so you can restore data from that as well.

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