Preferences - Note

To access the Note tab in Notezilla, launch the Notes Browser and select Advanced->Preferences from the Notes Browser menu. The Note tab lets you set the default sticky note settings.

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Note Tab Preferences


Choose the default note color that should be applied to new notes. Automatic will use the skin setting. Random will randomly select any color from a set of 16 predefined light colors.


Choose the default skin that should be used for new notes. Random will randomly select any skin from the currently installed skin.


Choose the default note title, font, font size & font color. Automatically sets the note title to the first sentence that you type inside the note.


Choose the default note text, font, font size & font color.

Show modified date over the title of the note

Check this if you want to display note's modified date on the top right corner of a sticky note.


Set the default note size for the new notes.


Set the default transparency level for the new desktop notes

Stay On top

Check this to make the new notes always stay on top, by default.

Size to content

By default, a sticky note automatically sizes to content. You can disable this feature by deselecting 'Size to content' checkbox.

Notezilla works on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7